Grand Maritime Cathedral in Kronstadt
Recreation of compositions in the eastern apse of the Great Maritime Cathedral in Kronstadt: "Meeting at Emmaus", "Wives of the Peace-Bearer", "Christ and Mary Magdalene", "Confidence of the Apostle Thomas", "Jubilant Apostles" and images of deacons in the altar section.

2011 matte gouache, plaster, S 95 sq.m.

Fedorovskaya Church of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery
Recreation of compositions 2 tiers of the Fedorov Church of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery:
"Savior and Sinking Peter",
"I give you the power to attack the serpent and the scorpion,"
"Healing the Blindborn",
"The parable of the rich and Lazarus."

2014 oil, plaster, S 20 sq. M.

Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg
Recreation of the painting "The Apostles Peter and Paul's Exaltation to the Lord" on the eastern facade of the Peter and Paul Fortress Cathedral.

Silicate paint on historical plaster. S 24 sq.m.
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